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Certified Minister of Spirituality at the Universal Life Church Ministries. Starseed. Quantum Akashic Reader & Healer. Author, Professional Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide, Homeschool Teacher. I was Born a natural psychic medium who Re Members Why we are here. I have traveled through the mind in uncanny ways. Understanding the human condition & how to show You to integrate your Soul (the true Self) ,with this Human Experience. Taking Jesus' words literally & applying the scientific methods necessary to prove it True!   I AM the Way show'er, the Light, that is holding the Torch, waiting to pass it ... to YOU

I am EarthSong, here for service to humanity! Your 7th Sign.

Youngest of 7 siblings. 7 children of my own & 7 grandchildren.

At age 3 I told my parents I wanted to go back home. To the Pleiades. Taygete, specifically.

 I've known since I was a very small child that I came here to assist in teaching you who you are, finishing Jesus' message that so many have, unfortunately, "missed".  Awakening the masses, & showing you that we are so much more than what we are being told.

 It is my mission & privilege to give you the tools to truly love yourself, learn clear boundaries, true forgiveness, & healing, as well as understand who & what you are, what you are truly capable of & can become !

Empowering YOU in the most tangible effective way possible! A real applicable concept into being in your full power & taking control back of your life & the world!

 We Are Creators. We Are Who We've Been Waiting For! 

I am a teacher, & a student of life. I am an all-encompassing psychic, ( clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant), a medium between worlds, a channeller, a healer, a holistic practitioner, an author, experiencer, survivor, True Lightworker, & warrior for the Light, a way show'er for the masses, & so much more.


 The beauty in You knowing all of this about me, is that You can be ALL of this as well!

We will teach you.

   I am Not a guru or a messiah, nor do I wish to be lumped into a category of being New Age, or Hippie... The ways I teach & live by are the oldest of OLD WAYS. The ways we were meant to live.

Not without belief in a great Creator, or comforts of the modern world but also not at the expense of nature! We are to live in balance. In harmony with each other & our world at large. Together we Can create a better world. Come with me on a journey. Not only of Self-enlightenment & spiritual growth but of our Collective God given abilities to Change what needs to be changed in order to achieve Truly living for your highest good & mine, in real joy!

It isn't hard to achieve, it all begins with Thought...

If you feel moved to do so, please scroll to the bottom of the age & donate to our cause. Donations support the work we do, including allowing those in need w/financial constraints to still receive assistance. Many Blessings of inPHInte Love & Light! 

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EarthSong is maybe the best psychic I've ever spoken to. She is the real deal!

Jessie Brown