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Meet our Staff Members

We Are The Beacon that can Lead You Home;

passing the Lighted torch from one soul to the next! Lighting up the World again! Letting our Lights Shine! 

Some of the most enlightened & compassionate souls on this planet, coming together to collaborate & not only awaken, but unite & teach you how to own your Power! Together, we Will change the world as we know it into the beautiful, thriving, joyful, loving planet it was meant to be!

Staff: News

Earth Song / Kelly Robertson

Lifelong Metaphysical & Holistic Practitioner, Energy Healer, Teacher, Professional Psychic (Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant) , Investigator, Speaker, & Host of multiple wkly shows on YouTube, & a bi-wkly Live tarot event! (YouTube link at top of Home page) 

 20 yrs of  homeschool . Former business owner,15 yrs. restaurant/bar industry, 20 yrs re-upholstery, home decor, cosmetology, & accounting. Studied in Nutrition, Psychology, Anatomy, Spirituality. Experienced in  working with herbal & energy healing, wildcrafting & alchemy, releasing emotional traumas, counseling relationship & many other sensitive issues. 

Garret Cobb

Intuitive. Life coach counselor. Board Certified and Accredited Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners
(AADP) I received my training from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition –New York City; M.A.-
Leadership- City University of Seattle; B.S.- Psychology- University of Nebraska at Omaha.


Rene Meyer

Intuitive, Professional Psychic, Tarot/Oracle Reader, Realtor, & campaigning for Governor of her home state of S. Dakota! She is experienced in Homestead, Law, Politics, Dream Interpretation, Finance/Career Guidance, & Honing her own Intuitive Psychic gifts the past 10 yrs. Co Host of "Good Vibes News", Wednesday Wisdom & several other upcoming show segments on YouTube with EarthSong/Kelly

Amanda Ramos

Popular YouTube creator , Co Host of Wednesday Wisdom & Good Vibes News, Business owner at Genesis Training Academy. Retired Master Barber, Designer of unique Fairy Houses, Artist, Music & Art Therapist, Empath, Intuitive Healer, & Professional Psychic. Her expertise includes but is not limited to , horticulture, wildcrafting, manifesting meditations, Conspiracy Realist, Investigative Truth Seeker/Teller, Home Decor, Gardening, Candle Maker, Vegan Lifestyles & Cooking, & so much more. In her pass time she loves to read, care for plants, enjoys the outdoors, her animals, & time with her family.


Jennifer Huff

Intuitive, Tarot Reader, Investigator of hidden truths, Works within the hospitality industry,  Activist of the Great Awakening. Guest host of wkly shows such as "Good Vibes News" & "Wednesday Wisdom w/Earthsong" The youngest amongst us , she is a shining star in her own right! Learning ahead of the curve & passing it on!

Monica Marty

Retired Chocolate Artist, & Co Host of "Good Vibes News" on YouTube. She is our  Events Coordination, Guest Check In, & THE Best Customer Service Rep Known to Man!!! She's your go to Q&A Lady!


Jadey Leigh

Druidic Past Life Star Chart Reader, Tarot reader, Meditational Guide, & Guest Host of "Wednesday Wisdom w/Earthsong" where we discuss a myriad of spiritual topics

Mel Syme

Intuitive, Healer


I AM the Beacon that can lead You HOME ... to Self

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