Earth Song Lovecraft & her Staff of Light workers are holding the Light for you ,until you learn to do it for yourself. They are here to teach you... Come on a journey to true self discovery of who & what we really are. Learn to be in love with yourself , by learning to utilize all of the wonderful tools you where born with. Live in balance & harmony with nature. View life through a new lens, by way of clear, concise, tangible applications for daily life, never before made possible. There is magic all around you , all you have to do is Believe again! Wake Up! Remember, WE are who we've been waiting for!

All it takes is a Spark, to Light the world on fire!

Let Your Light Shine!

~"The Intuitive Mind is a Sacred Gift, the Logical Mind; it's faithful Servant, Yet we have created a society that honors the Servant & forced us to forget the Gift"~

Albert Einstein


Choose your pricing plan

  • Self Love Seminar

    Mastering Self Love & Understanding Your Energy
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Spiritual & Personal Development
    • The beginning steps to understanding Self & utilizing that!
    • Prelude to the curriculum course
    • contact me for public lecture booking & fees
  • Exclus Personal Read

    Energy Read; Aura, Star Origins, Emotional, Blocks, Destiny
    Valid for one week
    • All forms of divination may be used
    • Including channeling
    • $410.00 Value
    • Get your energy reading , guidance, & clearing blocks TODAY
    • Analysis, Star Origins, Clearing, & Guidance
    • Knowing your energy level assists in your wellness of Being
  • Metaphysics Wisdom

    1 mo Personal Course
    Valid for one month
    • Learn to understand, embrace,hone,& heal w/ energy (chi)
    • 4 wk course, 1 day per wk @ 2 hr per course lesson, 1 on 1
    • Healing trauma, Balancing emotion & shedding old wounds
    • Compassion for Self
    • Compassion for others , a new perspective
    • Perception transformations to Create the life you desire
    • Understanding Chi & using healing modalities
    • Philosophy & Science explaining/proving the Metaphysical
    • Choose Your schedule for booking
    • Zoom & video lessons included
    • $700.00 Value
    • Great healing & growth opportunity
  • Energy Healing PKG

    1 mo. personal & all inclusive Energy healing &/o Counseling
    Valid for one month
    • Quantum healing for Emotional, Physical, & Mental Trauma
    • You choose your bookings
    • one 1 hr (ish) session per wk for 4 wks
    • Ask about family pkg pricing
    • This is for the person who requires more than just 1 session
    • $500.00 Value
  • Children's Corner

    Beginners honing their creative power & emotional well being
    Valid for one month
    • Learning to balance & express in organic healthy ways
    • Via Communication skills, Counseling, Art, & music
    • Give your child the tools to embrace their pure essence
    • And BE Wise Creators! As we were All meant to be!
    • 4 hrs per wk for 4 wks. on your schedule!
    • Parents Welcome!
    • Giving children the highest growth/developmental potential!
  • SoulTribe LIVE Tarot

    Collective group setting Tarot readings
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • 4 consecutive Tuesday's of tarot in a group setting via Zoom
    • Monthly purchase
    • Come have fun sharing life's questions & our dreams!
  • Wedding Ceremony +++

    Hand fasting or traditional ceremonies available
    Valid for one month
    • Ordained Minister of ULCH
    • Only offered within 45 mls currently
    • Counselling included
    • Decor & photography/video (extra fee)
    • Choose your own vows & ceremony preferences
    • Inclusive to all walks of life, no judgements, only love
    • Marriage keepsake certificate included
  • Private Investigator

    Your Psychic Dick !
    Valid for one week
    • Unresolved questions with passed loved ones
    • Help in closing cases (Law Enforcement)
    • Proven Psychic Mediumship & Energy Field Reader
    • Can investigate artifacts, possessions, & locations
  • Mastery of SELF

    Course w/curriculum , workshops, & Q&A's
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Group setting workshop!
    • Bring your pen & paper ! Class is in session!
    • True Self Mastery!
    • Utilizing the power of Being!
    • Becoming a true manifester of Your reality
    • Newfound Love, Confidence, Compassion, & Wisdom !
    • WE are who we've been waiting for!
    • Finally have the life You want! No gimmicks!
    • Tangible & effective techniques!
    • Are you ready!
    • 4; 2hr per wk courses
  • Templar DNA codes

    Master activation codes for DNA;Higher Spiritual practice
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Activation Codes
    • Merkabah , Emerald, etc Meditations
    • Psonns; language of the Light
    • Wisdom Keepers contact
    • Join me on a higher journey of Self discovery & potential!

Course & Interview Video Links

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These videos are for educational & entertainment purposes to encourage empowerment to the masses! Blessings