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Are you ready to unlock your potential and find the missing pieces of your puzzle? YOU are the Garden! It is my mission to assist you in unlocking your Divine gifts & awakening to this life's mission! Join EarthSong Lovecraft's School of Thought and discover the easily attainable knowledge that lies within you. By connecting with my gifts, I can help you learn how to use them successfully - we are who we've been waiting for!


EarthSong's Spiritual Lovecraft: Your Personal Soul Growth Teacher of Enlightenment & Beacon of all Truths

Member of the Emerald Order of Melchizedek. Master of Self Love & Psychic Abilities. Entrepreneur. Author. Life Strategist for Your Success in Living your fullest life! ! Let's Unlock YOUR Potential!

We are ALL magical beings! God made US in HIS Image! You have the power within you to heal yourself, & others, as well as creating your life, on a daily basis. You Already DO, you just don't realize it! Our mind is a quantum computer. I came here with a mission to help you awaken as well as the knowledge of How to use our gifts! I have spent My Life mastering the wisdom in this! In order to teach YOU in easily obtainable ways. I hold the keys, I hold the torch to pass on to you! All it takes is a spark to Light the world on fire with our LIGHT Power!

We are NOW in the TIME to take Back OUR Power! Take Back OUR World! The world that God created For US to experience & care for, to live in joy of it's existence! WE have the Power to Do This AND MORE!

This IS The Greatest Awakening of All! 

The World as we know it is about to change! And You help create it!

When I say to you that I AM the Beacon that can lead you home to self, I do not say it to be "important" for my own ego, I say it because the knowledge I hold is important to our very survival & what direction our world goes in. Because if you understand who you are, who we All are, then we do not Fear ANYTHNG, because we KNOW we can control & create it! Collectively WE ARE WHO WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! Let's reclaim our world, our life, our rights,everything! 

With a clear but simple way to teach you, a mission of helping and inspiring others, EarthSong's Spiritual Lovecraft is a proud Personal Development Speaker, Teacher, & Healer, that is known for making a memorable impact. An impact that is Tangible, you can walk away from these lessons/lectures ready to take control of your creator abilities. Without reading a lot of books, or studying endless hrs that take a lifetime to master! This unique approach combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm makes them perfect for a large variety of audiences and events.
Healing yourself, learning who you are in order to truly love thyself, then moving forward to Master who you truly are!
By providing the audience with the right tools and knowledge, EarthSong's Spiritual Lovecraft has helped countless people unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional success. Get in touch to learn more.

I Am here to Finish Jesus's Message.

Together , WE can finish the message of Many great ascended masters, and Be the Light, the Way, & the Beautiful proof that we ARE who we've been waiting for! 

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I AM the Beacon that can lead You HOME ... to Self

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