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EarthSong's Spiritual Lovecraft. Member of the Emerald Order. Starseed. Keeper of the Flame. Quantum Akashic Reader & Healer. Well-known & highly acclaimed Personal Development Teacher by way of being an NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Practitioner, Energy Reader, & Healer. (And soon to be author) Assisting ppl in healing trauma triggered by our 5 senses w/positive results, sometimes in as little as 1 session. These include depression, common colds, allergies, & more. An Intuitive Psychic Medium, Holistic Practitioner, Wildcrafter, & Speaker, specializes in providing insights, guidance and enthusiasm w/emphasis on Self love , removing emotional blocks, & truly Knowing thyself. Each service tailored to fit the unique needs of each soul or audience.

EarthSong has spent her life learning the human condition, psychology, sociology, spirituality, herbology, holistic approaches,  metaphysics, the Law of Attraction (of One), & a layman's understanding of Physics that is outside the box of science today. In fact, they are just Now catching up! She can assist you in a technique that will use quantum connections with other dimensions to empower you , the entire planet, & heal/correct the jaded experiences we have all had , into something new , that is truly for your highest good!

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