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EarthSong's Spiritual Lovecraft. Member of the Emerald Order. Starseed. Keeper of the Flame. Ambassador for UNIFYDTV! Quantum Akashic Reader & Healer. Well-known & highly acclaimed Personal Development Teacher by way of being an NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Practitioner, Energy Reader, & Healer. (And soon to be author) Assisting ppl in healing trauma triggered by our 5 senses w/positive results, sometimes in as little as 1 session. These include depression, common colds, allergies, & more. An Intuitive Psychic Medium, Holistic Practitioner, Wildcrafter, & Speaker, specializes in providing insights, guidance and enthusiasm w/emphasis on Self love , removing emotional blocks, & truly Knowing thyself. Each service tailored to fit the unique needs of each soul or audience.

EarthSong has spent her life learning the human condition, psychology, sociology, spirituality, herbology, holistic approaches,  metaphysics, the Law of Attraction (of One), & a layman's understanding of Physics that is outside the box of science today. In fact, they are just Now catching up! She can assist you in a technique that will use quantum connections with other dimensions to empower you , the entire planet, & heal/correct the jaded experiences we have all had , into something new , that is truly for your highest good!

 Book your service or appointment with EarthSong Today! And take back your Life! 

Be sure to check out our Zoom Conferences, Courses, as well as the special pricing plans we offer to members!

Choose your pricing plan

  • Soul Tribe Member

    Every month
    Exclusive Membership All Access!
    • Allows members to find other members, & see all activity
    • Once Wkly zoom Tarot time fun!
    • Notified/Included in Live & Call In shows
    • Get to know Kelly personally,see inside her life
    • Loads of free! program courses to further knowledge
    • Forum member
    • Blog access
  • Self Love Seminar

    Mastering Self Love & Understanding Your Worth & Energy is KEY to success in Life!
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Spiritual & Personal Development
    • The beginning steps to understanding Self & utilizing that!
    • contact me for public lecture booking & fees
    • Easily attainable methods to explore deeper into who you are
    • Learn Science behind our soul energy
    • Personal contact w/Kelly 24/7 for assistance
    • Make a lifelong friend in Kelly by working with her
    • Walk away with newfound confidence & tools to be fully YOU
  • Mastery of SELF

    Course w/curriculum , workshops, & Q&A's
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Group setting workshop! or 1 on 1
    • Bring your pen & paper ! Class is in session!
    • True Self Mastery!
    • Utilizing the power of Being!
    • Becoming a true manifester of Your reality
    • Newfound Love, Confidence, Compassion, & Wisdom !
    • WE are who we've been waiting for!
    • Finally have the life You want! No gimmicks!
    • Tangible & effective techniques!
    • Are you ready!
    • 4; 2hr per wk courses
    • 24/7 Access to Kelly
  • Healers & Lightworkers Journey Course

    Become a Master w/activation of 144 fire codes & 12 strand DNA;Higher Spiritual Practice Course
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • Activation Codes
    • Merkabah , Emerald shields & Meditations
    • Psonns; language of the Light
    • Wisdom Keepers contact
    • Join a higher level of Self discovery/healing abilities!
    • PDF is downloadable in the private group area of the forum
    • Learn Templar mechanics
    • Phonics of Sacred language
    • Activate 12 strand DNA + 144 fire codes
    • Connect with Reishi builder race Beings
    • Ley lines of Earth
    • Remote viewing/ Astral projection
    • Join forces with other Healers & Light workers worldwide
    • Personally work with Kelly via zoom events
    • Certification provided for completion
    • Valuable ancient knowledge for a fraction of its true value!
    • Once hidden Esoteric wisdom at your service!
  • Psychic Investigator

    Your Psychic Dick ! Mediumship, at your service
    Valid for one month
    • Unresolved questions with passed loved ones
    • Help in closing cases (Law Enforcement)
    • Proven Psychic Mediumship & Energy Field Reader
    • Can investigate artifacts, possessions, & locations
  • Metaphysics Wisdom

    1 mo Personal Course
    Valid for one month
    • Learn to understand, embrace,hone,& heal w/ energy (chi)
    • 4 wk course, 1 day per wk @ 2 hr per course lesson, 1 on 1
    • Healing trauma, Balancing emotion & shedding old wounds
    • Compassion for Self
    • Compassion for others , a new perspective
    • Perception transformations to Create the life you desire
    • Understanding Chi & using healing modalities
    • Philosophy & Science explaining/proving the Metaphysical
    • Choose Your schedule for booking
    • Zoom & video lessons included
    • $700.00 Value
    • Great healing & growth opportunity
  • All Inclusive Wedding & Handfasting +++

    Hand fasting or traditional ceremonies available. Let us help YOU Tie the Knot!
    Valid for one month
    • Ordained Minister of ULCH
    • Only offered within 45 mls currently
    • Counselling included
    • Decor & photography/video (extra fee)
    • Choose your own vows & ceremony preferences
    • Inclusive to all walks of life, no judgements, only love
    • Marriage keepsake certificate included
    • Catering (tfee is an extra) (approx price for 60 ppl, $400)
    • Cake
  • Wedding Ceremony +++

    Wedding or Handfasting Ceremony Only fee
    • Customize your dream wedding starting at $225 Ceremony ONLY
    • Bring your own props/decor
    • Or put it in the plan pkg for additional fee ($150)
    • Payment Plans Available
    • Write your own vows
    • Or choose from Earthsong's samples
    • Have as many in your party as you wish
    • This is Your Day , so it's Your Way!
    • Link to video examples of vows
    • Catering Available (Light Meal + Beverage of choice)add fee
    • 25-50 guests (175) 50 - 100 guests ($325)
    • Wedding Cake Provided (Additional $75)
    • Photography (additional $55.00)
    • Ask about the menu options!
    • Photos of Cake options/quality upon request
    • Will also arrange Engagement Party (additional fee) Ask Us
    • Your location or mine
  • *Tarot Party*

    Having a party & need entertainment? Why not hire a Professional Psychic to do Tarot readings !!!
    Valid for 7 days
    • 1-3 hr tarot readings
    • Flat rate for Host(ess) is 2 hr. Service
    • Optional smaller fee for "Pay per Reading" $125 for 1.5 hrs
  • Party Planner

    want to have a party & need help? We will make your party fun & beautiful & on a budget!
    Valid for 6 months
    • Anniversary
    • Birthday
    • Engagement
    • Graduation
    • Retirement
    • Congratulations
    • Farewell
    • Funeral Wake
    • Catering, Decor, Entertainment, Minister, Photographer
    • We've got you covered!
    • Prices vary & reflects Base rate for Minister, Decor, Photo.
    • Entertainment, Catering, & Cakes are extra
    • Price reflects Party of 50
Holistic health concept of zen stones with red plumeria flower on black board. Text mind b

Dark to Light! I am the beacon that leads you home!

   ~Earthsong Lovecraft~


~The Intuitive Mind is a Sacred Gift, the Logical Mind it's faithful Servant; We have created a society that Honors the Servant & has taught us to forget the Gift~ 

Albert Einstein



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