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Headache,Head, Chest Essential Herbal Helpers

Headache,Head, Chest Essential Herbal Helpers

Having headaches or migraines? Simply rub a small amount on the temples. Sinus or Chest colds, congestion, or "bug"?You will be Amazed at how great you begin to feel & "look" better with just a few drops of our Head, Chest, & Cold rubbing elixir. Our formula is made with all-natural ingredients that are gentle on skin, safe even for children, and free from harsh chemicals. Safe for kids too! Better than popping pills OR using cold/flu rubs/salves, over the counter products.  Infused with a blend of nourishing herbs and essential oils that remove headaches quickly (even migraines), reduce inflammation & phlem in the sinus & chest area, & promote immune boost & response to Any germ, that likely will even help lift your Chi & mood! With pleasant non greasy aromas that feel great on the skin too! Not greasy! No harsh odors! This is Not your grandma's chest rub! Plus, has a nice calming effect on the skin opposed to the burn or sting from an old fashioned rub. Our elixir will help promote good health without the unpleasant smell OR feel of traditional chest rubs! It's Great for the skin , and your cold or flu type needs. Our Herbal Helpers "Headache,Head,& Chest"  Elixir is the ideal compliment to your health care routine. Give Your body (& your loved ones) the Love & Care they Deserve with this nourishing healing helper elixir! It is a product packed Full of antioxidants that are anti microbial, viral, bacterial, and fungal! And it lasts a lobg time too! A little bit goes a long way! More bang for your buck!   

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Kelly is a 32 yr Practicing Herbalist with 7 children. She's been making homemade remedies & counciling/educating on the use of herbals for decades! Have a special request or need?  With a consult you can have the learn of or obtain the perfect regimen, ointment, tincture, salve, massage oil, repellent, etc tailored specifically to Your needs. She is very thorough and will go over a list of items including what meds you are on so as to not use any ingredients that could interfer with. Book Your Consult TODAY on the Services Page!

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