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Stellating Chakras

Stellating the Chakras sheds a new look that Integrates Geometry with Higher Consciousness. The 3 lower chakras contain all 5 platonic Solids - Square to Icosahedron, Six pointed star to Star Tetrahedron /cube, and the Pent Solar Plexus to Icosa/Dodeca.

The 3rd Eye has 6 senses with 16 or 4x4 faces which represent 4 elements x 4 directions equalling the traditional 96 petals from eastern philosophy.

The Crown, All seeing /All knowing Chakra is now understood because the stellation of a Pent/Dodeca would allow the point of the stellation to connect with the center point of the 3rd Eye, to inPHInitly and fractally connect with every other point in space and allow access to the universal causal body of everyone and everything.

The Throat chakra with 16 petals is an extension of one of the faces of the 3rd eye chakra.

I have assigned the dodecahedron to the 12 petaled heart chakra because it has 12 faces and is the centerpiece of life and contains 5 nested cubes representing all of the elements.

A New perspective on the 3rd Eye's 96 petals. There are 4 elements and 4 directions in 2d; however when stellated both ways (male and female) There are 6 points for 6 senses each active and passive. These 6 points are also 6 faces of a cube. The 3rd eye takes in and sends out using octa or cube It represents 4 elements in 4 directions and corresponds to the emotional /water/mother quadrant. Each face of the cube is like a sending and receiving Megaphone.

Crown chakra meets the 3rd eye

Stellating chakras helps us to understand dimensional shifts

5 elements of the hand relating to the chakras

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