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Transform Your Life & Take Back Your Power!

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Your journey towards a better way of life begins today.

Creating team productivity, flow, & harmony within the work space is simple with EarthSong's workshop/lecture to assist your employees in "inner"standing of how & why to live a co creative collective consciousness life in & out of the work place. 

Book her for an employee workshop Today! 

Need clarity or closure from a passed loved one? Book her as your Psychic Medium/Investigator

Desire Spiritual growth & the True comprehension of Ascension with EarthSong's courses/workshops on Self Love, everything re; Energy (Chi), & how to utilize this newfound knowledge for your highest good & joy! Discover how amazing you truly are! By the end of the course you will not Only love yourself in a whole new respect, you will have an entire new perspective on how miraculous our Creator is in everything we have, do, or experience. Learn to be a co creator Today! 

 EarthSong's Spiritual Lovecraft will provide you with exceptional results.

Offered in group speaking engagements or one on one sessions. (Group discounts are available, email for details.)


*Contact via email for group speaking engagement appts & pricing

Business Lectures: Welcome
Young Teacher

Leadership Development &  Unity/Harmony in the Work Environment

Meaningful & Memorable Tools to create a balanced work place environment

EarthSong's Spiritual Lovecraft is a talented and skilled Personal Development Speaker who knows how to create harmony & fung shui in the workplace! Whether you are the team's leader or need a speaker for boosting comradery & unity within the employees environment, EarthSong can & will deliver the tools necessary to achieve this. And it'll be a pleasant, enjoyable experience learning! With a focus on facing challenges while identifying opportunities, you will better learn the "human condition", a tangible comprehension of compassion without moving boundaries to Self. While also gaining an understanding to the fundamentals of what/who we are as humans, what energy is & how to use it for everyone's highest good within a work space. 
The need is here for all of us to remove barriers of labels in a more intelligent approach of "acceptance" without the "extra"  burdens that tend to come with it.

Business Lectures: Speaking

 EarthSong's Spiritual Lovecraft

It's a Psychic Revolution!

Image by Markus Winkler

Psychic Medium Investigator

Psychic Medium for Hire
Born with the gift of gab with ghosts!

EarthSong is a lifelong Intuitive Empath & Psychic Medium. She has been assisting law enforcement for over a year now (2021) to assist in a variety of cases. She has an uncanny ability in Providing you the Golden Nugget of info needed for closure.


Police Officers, FBI, Private Investigators,

Family members of past loved ones All welcome to inquire about their person of interests last accounts on this  Earth plANE.


EarthSong is well versed in connecting with the Spiritual Realms. Via the arts of Mediumship, Automatic Writing/Drawing , & reading energy signatures still present in places & belongings, & allowing the clear channel needed for Spirits to tell their story, EarthSong CAN help find the answers you seek!


 Beginning with basic information & logic, to start,  she tunes in & the story starts forming . As she inquires further Spirit flows through her & shows the way to the tangible evidence necessary to close a case or to simply find closure.


Together, we can close the gaps on senseless crimes! And bring those who need it JUSTICE!


 If you need assistance, she's your Psychic "Dick Tracie"!

Very competitive pricing!

Book your appt today with EarthSong ( In Bookings Services area of the website , found in the top right area of the Homepage)


Spiritual Teacher

I am the beacon that lights your path until you are ready to hold the torch yourself! Come with me on a journey of enlightenment , I WILL Light your way

EarthSong came with a certain knowing & gained the rest along the way on this journey. She understands human psychology, emotions, body language, & energy signatures. She can sense the shields deflecting their deception or outside negativities. She has learned how to read energy, feel energy, sense energy, & use energy. She wants to teach the masses how to understand this & so much more about this condition we call Human. She builds a program adequate for an audience or an individual. Providing you with information & the appropriate tools & keys to tangible , efficient, easily understandable ways to view everything & everyone with clearer vision than ever before thought possible. She offers her services of knowledge in a variety of forms. Such as  counselling sessions, healing sessions, individual courses, group courses, seminars, & so much more! Though she has known since birth she is a volunteer here to serve humanity & assist them in waking up to their True potential. She still applied the scientific principles to her knowledge both given & gained, to assure that what she eventually would teach others would be accurate & effective in breaking the cycles, ending the chaos, & achieving true liberation for all!  We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. She is the wayshower to providing you tangible, effective tools to assist you in re_programming, re_aligning, & re_membering Who You Are! In turn, giving you back your Power! (the torch) This is a New Age approach to Old World knowledge, but from a fundamentally practical, tried, & true means of achieving it! Are YOU ready to free yourself & break your shackles!?!?! Join her now by booking your ideal type of sessions!

                            I truly Am the Beacon that can lead YOU Home

Business Lectures: Speaking

I AM the Beacon that can lead You HOME ... to Self

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